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Creative, compelling storytelling

Cloudfish is a copywriting and content provider that produces top-class copy for brands and organisations.

Based in Malmö, we deliver creative content that gets your message across and makes it – and you – stand out from the crowd.

You may be an ad agency looking for English copy written with flair, or a business seeking to polish your communications and content marketing.

Maybe your communications or marketing team needs a razor-sharp writer for a sales presentation, product brochure or in-house magazine.

Tell us – in English or Swedish – about your company and your clients. Explain what you want them to think and feel, and what you want them to do. Then leave it to us.

If you are publishing content in English, your image and integrity depend on it being word perfect. We provide that extra polish.

We’ve all read copy that’s correct but dull, or dynamic but careless. Cloudfish offers style with substance – the best of both worlds.

We have an eagle eye for detail and total dedication to accuracy. We streamline your content, rewriting and editing the copy to ensure it says exactly what you want it to. So your message is heard above the hubbub.

We will get your message across with verve and insight.

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Make yourself heard across all your digital channels – from web to content marketing, film to social media, and PowerPoint to e-zine.
Add impact and flair to your brochures, flyers, annual and sustainability reports, customer magazines and other publications.
Say goodbye to Swinglish and clunky web-generated translations. Tell your story in perfect English with a translation crafted by a native speaker.


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